Lone Star Aviation, Corp. is a Corporation chartered in the State of Texas since October, 1989.  We have been in business for over 30 years with customers in the aviation, US Armed Forces, government entities, aircraft, rotor-craft, marine, USCG, land-mobile and OEM manufacturers for a verity of products and services.  The company’s success has been attributed to innovative and leading edge product designs capable of surviving harsh airborne environments.

We manufacture all of our product lines in Mansfield Texas in our 15,000 ft. manufacturing facility.  The company’s product lines consist of many electronic devices,  Dc/Ac blowers, DC Noise Filters, GPS Docking Stations,  sensors, pressure switches, altitude switches,  LED’s, dimmers, DC converters, DC/AC inverters, GFCI Modules, silicone, neoprene, PVC ducting and DO160G tested products for OEM customers.   We provide CAD drawings, BOM documentation and company level TEST Reports for each product to help accelerate the project time-line from design concept to market ready products.

Lone Star Aviation products are thoroughly TESTED to company level test reports as well as with internal TEST laboratories for RTCA-DO160G, ASTM, MIL-STD-810 requirements to ensure products meet or exceed airborne environmental conditions. We design innovative products, document AS9100 First Articles, provide company level testing documentation and reliability studies.  All of our products lines are sold to OEM accounts, modification centers, Lone Star Aviation approved dealers, distributors, and aviation catalog web sites.

Our new website, launched on 12-1-18 has our current product line, documentation, pricing and installation example drawings. News articles for leading edge product releases to assist customers so they can easily get new product information.

Feel free to view our new website and be sure to check out our diversified products and services that our company has to offer. For inquiries, questions or technical support please email specifics on our “Contact Us” page where you can find our telephone number and email addresses for sales and technical staff.

Our Certifications

Lone Star Aviation quality assurance programs incorporates an FAA F.I.S. ( Fabrication and inspection system) regulated under the current CFR 14, PART 21.137 (a-n) for manufacturing airborne parts and assemblies. Lone Star Aviation manufactures FAA PMA, FAA TSO, DO160G TESTED products and has partnered with integrators for major and numerous STC approves. 

Click the links below for FAA approval letters:

FAA Facility Approval

FAA Quality System Approval