Lone Star Aviation’s new inverter line boasts cutting edge DC-AC, 60Hz technology in addition to innovative circuitry to operate most AC applications within the commercial, industrial, solar, aviation and military markets.

The DC-AC Inverter is a high reliability model that is mission ready for airborne applications.  Inverter is FAA TSO approved and TESTED to the FAA TSO C-73 and the minimum performance standards outlined within C-73. Delivery is (1) day, several units in stock for immediate delivery to your customer, dealers, OEM’s call for special pricing for maximum profit to your shop.

Features and Benefits:
Inverter compatible with existing inverters on the market.
Weight: Lightest weight inverter on the market.                                                  MS-Connector: Same wiring and installation as major mfg.
Pure Sine Wave: comparable to AC Grid power.
FAA TSO approved                                                                                                              Stock, (1) day delivery                                                                                                                Dual AC receptacle with GFCI, led, MS3102 connector.
Part number, i.e. LS03-06000 500 watts, LS03-06001 1k watts.

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