C-100 Commander Docking Stations

No all of our docking station are designed to function in the “take home mode” or also called “simulator mode.” The GPS functionality is part of the firmware designed into the GPS from the factory. The simulation mode helps the end user verify and input flight plans, direct to routes, enter ground-speed to one of your entered flight plans. This will allow you to practice GPS functionality in a non flying environment. Practicing repetitive entries, setting up flight plans, changing a flight plan, practicing emergency procedures will help manage your flight when flying for real and a fuel saver when practicing in a non flying environment.
No, with the Commander 2000K you can update your database with a laptop, desktop computer or new data base card from Honeywell. We have data cables, USB adapters, cooling fans, pelican cases for all GPS units, Multifunction Displays, and Transceivers currently on the market today. We also have custom designed data cables to connect GPS receivers to various display units for a full functional testing and SIM evaluation.
Yes, this is a direct replacement for the KLN 89B. If you have another Bendix/King, Honeywell GPS receiver you will need to purchase the additional cable, adapters and harnesses to connect to other equipment. The Commander 2000K is a universal model capable of operating many GPS units on the market today.
This depends on the original design, if the unit has a CRT, LCD, or other screen, the internal electronics and the heat generated by the unit itself. Some older units are low current receivers with an LCD display that doesn’t generate excess heat. Ask your Lone Star Aviation technical support representative if you have a question regarding your GPS equipment. Many customers that purchased the Commander 2000K or 2900 units also purchased a cooling fan at a later date to keep their GPS equipment within a safe operating temperature.
The USB adapter will help simplify the installation process and connection to the (data cable) for data base updates on the internet.
LSA has designed many custom cables to connect the GPS to a (display unit) so the pilot can practice both units in a non flying environment.
Yes, the KLN-900 Honeywell GPS unit and Wulfsburg C-5000 are compatible with the LS03-02028 Commander and the Technisonics with the LS03-03029a Commander series. The LS03-02025 data cable is also compatible with the KLN-900 unit for updating the data base.
The Commander for the GNS-530 is taller the Commander for the GNS-420 unit. The power cable and accessories are the same for both products. Many customer will buy (1) unit and then purchase an additional TOP enclosure to fit their second GPS unit.
Avionics, GPS equipment run at a higher temperature because there are limited vent holes for normal convectional cooling. The Commander 2000k cooling fan has an airflow of 6 -8 cfm and operate at 12-14 vdc. The cost of the cooling fan is much cheaper then sending your GPS to Garmin or Honeywell for service and repairs.
The Commander 2900 unit has DZUS fitting for locking the GPS receiver to the Commander TOP. We don’t think locking all (4) DZUS fitting are necessary for GPS simulation on a desktop environment.
YES, we have a pelican case designed with custom foam for the Commander, accessories, cables, manuals for protection while shipping or transporting? YES, we offer the 1550 PELICAN CASE with custom foam.
Yes custom applications are welcome and can be modified from existing cad drawings to your new dimensions.

DC Filters: Alternator Filter

YES, the Alternator filter has be used to suppressed, (filter) ac noise from alternators and generator systems on most make and model aircraft, rotor-craft, land-mobile, marine and military vehicles.
YES, the alternator filter will suppress and filter audible noise, hiss, hum and static that I hear in my headset.
The alternator filter is typically installed onto the alternator chassis, by either a 6-32 or 8-32 stud threaded into the alternator’s metal frame. Use the MS, AN, hardware, washers, lock washers and torqued to specification.
YES The alternator filter is a 15 uf 100vdc film capacitor designed specifically for dc noise problems for aircraft. The filter has also been used for air-conditioning blower motors, ventilation blower motors, fuel pumps, flap motors, auto-pilots, etc.
The alternator filter operates parallel to the circuit.
The most popular would be the alternator filter as well as the ELIMINATOR FILTER.

DC Filter: Magneto Filter

The Bendix Series: S20, S21, S200, D2000 and D3000 have been tested and approved under a FAA-PMA approval and TESTED under DO 160/D/E. The LS03-01010 magneto filter is not compatible with any other manufacturer including Slick magneto series. The Lone Star Aviation magneto suppresses the ignition pulse, (noise) heard on many aircraft audio, radio systems from their ignition systems.
The ELIMINATOR FILTER can also suppress significant noise if mounted near an audio, intercom, radio system in the aircraft , rotor-craft, land-mobile, marine and military vehicles.
We have had many requests and now stock a extended length P-cable, LS03-01010a for 89.95.
The magneto filter has been used on many other devices and or equipment receiving noise from a dc line. An example would be an air-conditioning blower, fuel pumps, flap motors, wipers, beacon, etc.
(NO) the magneto filter is not designed for the SLICK MAG, do not install on a SLICK MAG it may change the timing on the magneto itself. Use the ELIMINATOR FILTER near the receiver of the noise.

DC Filter: Eliminator Filter, (Multi-band)

This (FILTER) is rated at 10 amps and is usually installed on the affected side of the circuit, i.e. or on the effected audio, radio, GPS system. The Alternator filter is also installed in many cases to suppress low and high frequency EMI-RFI interference.
The ELIMINATOR FILTER is the most effective dc noise filter in aviation, land-mobile, marine and military vehicles. Install the Eliminator Filter on the power line to the power supply of the strobe or beacon. For separate power supplies more than one filter may be required.
To identify which type of electronic noise problem your experiencing you can do a couple of simple tests to determine the source of the dc noise.
  1. Test 1: Operating a handheld vhf air com radio in the aircraft with the aircraft power, engines, etc. turned and operating as normal.  If you hear RF noise on the portable radio you have radiated RFI noise.
  2. Test 2: Power up your radio with an external battery of some type, getting the effected component off ships power. If the noise goes away buy an Eliminator Filter.  If the noise continues, you have radiated noise. If the problem is the alternator, buy and install an additional Alternator Filter; this filter can be effective in eliminating a wide range of radiated and or harmonics produced by the alternator system.
Yes, the filters are FAA/PMA approved and have an ELIGIBILITY listed on the web site for your records.
  1. Silencing rotating beacon, strobe noise on audio, radio, intercom systems.
  2. Ridding 400 cycle AC noise from in-flight entertainment systems.
  3. Eliminating power line noise on Radar and Storm scopes.
  4. Reduce DC noise on audio systems.
  5. Eliminate DC blower noise on air conditioning systems.

DC Filter 70 Amps:

The DC 70 amp Filter is tipically used like the Eliminator filter but for higher current applications. Avionics filtering is probably the most common solution for aircraft or rotorcraft applications. The 70 amp filter is also used for land-mobile application for filtering the power buss and protecting critical mission equipment.

DC Filter 100 Amps:

The DC 100 amp filter is used to filter higher current applications to 100 amps. The 100 amp filter will protect the entire aircaft buss including the avionics buss which is a common solution for aircraft and or rotorcraft applications. The 100 amp filter is also used for land-mobile and marine application for filtering the power buss and protecting critical mission equipment.

DC Custom Filters:

YES, Lone Star Aviation can design and build a prototype DC, AC filter for your particular application if there is any volume.

AC Filters:

The majority of AC noise is usually from an inverter or other AC device running on board the air-craft and or rotor-craft. The AC filters coming 10, 20, 30 amp applications.

High-Frequency Filter:

The High-Frequency Filter is a 50 VDC 50 amp 2mfd filter that specializes in removing interference caused by electric motors and pumps.

Bulk-Head Filter:

The 10 A bulk-head filter is certainly the among the smallest filters you can find.

Audio Filter, Ground Loop:

The ground loop filter is used to filter audio signals from a iPod, iPhone, RF Radio, etc. The filter separates the audio from the noise, hum because of grounding potential differances. The audio filter has several connectors which should be compatible with your hand-held device.

Filter Test Kits:

Lone Star offers two different filter test kits, a Low-Current (Alternator Filter, Magneto Filter, Eliminator Filter) and High-Current (10A Eliminator, 70 Amp, 100 Amp). The Low-Current Kit is meant to be used to diagnose and solve noise problems in light aircraft, whereas the High-Current Kit is meant to block noise in larger aircraft at the various buss’ where noise contamination can be found.

DC to DC Converters: LS03-05001

No the DC converter’s output is adjusted at the factory to 13.8vdc to 10C, 12P amps. No further operator adjustments are necessary in the field.
YES the DC converter has been FAA approved back in 2003.
Yes the DC converter was design to protect the circuit it is powering as well as it’s own circuit. The dc converter has over-voltage, over -current, reverse polarity, over temperature, under voltage as well as input spike protection.
YES the (power adapter) is going through the TSO approval process and should be approved by 7-15-10.

DC to DC Converters: LS03-05002-B

YES the DC to DC Up converter is TSO approved.

DC to DC Converters: LS03-05003

The current LS03-05003-138 models can be adjusted slightly 1.5 vdc from their factory set voltage. The LS03-05003-16 is set at 16vdc and the LS03-05003-190 at 19vdc which are set at the factory. They can be adjusted 1.5vdc over or under the designed voltage setting. Each part number is will output a specific voltage, i.e. 138 =13.8vdc, 160 = 16.0vdc, 190 = 19.0vdc.
No the current model does not have a current share function, the earlier design incorporated the design but it was never finalized because of non interest in the field. The current pcb will be updated in 3rd quarter 2010 to bring current sharing, PS stability, LED functionality to a more reliable state.

Converter Accessories

If you’re aircraft is using a 24 Volt system you will need a down converter to run your 12 Volt accessories. We would recommend our LS03-05003-138 Down Converter for anything that draws less than 5 Amps, such as cell phone, and laptop chargers.

Custom Converters

YES, Lone Star has the experience and knowledge to make the converter that perfectly fits your companies needs, and will build it to airborne harsh environments.

DC Blowers: 1 Port

We would recommend using our Cyclone 100 1 Port Blower LS03-02040 for 12vdc and LS03-02041 for the 24vdc unit. Use the 3 port if you want extra ports down the road for expansion.

DC Blowers: 3 Port

We would recommend using our Cyclone 21, 3-Port Blower CRB-6457 (13.8vdc) and (CRB-12253) for 27.7vdc applications.

DC Blowers: 6 Port

We would recommend using our Cyclone 600, 6-Port Blower kit (LS03-03035) with two of the supplied red rubber block-off caps. Our Cycloen 21, 3-Port (CRB-122253), and 6-Port avionics cooling systems come with block off caps that allow you to decide how many hoses you want to run from the unit.
We offer an aftermarket mounting bracket that will adapt to our current 6-port fan in place of the KA-20.

Ventilation Blower:

DC Blower Accessories:

YES, For the 6-Port we offer a 36″ and 60″ cable kit, and a bracket that will allow you to adapt our 6-Port to the same mounting holes as the KA-20. We also offer a 90 degree adapter to allow you to route tubing in areas with limited room.


The Polyethylene tubing (LS03-04000) can be sold in lengths as short as 1 foot, where as the silicone and neoprene ducting can only be offered in lengths of 12 feet.
No, at the smaller diameters it becomes increasingly more difficult to wrap the material into ducting. If 5/8″ is the diameter of ducting you are looking for we would recommend using the 5/8″ polyethylene tubing (LS03-04000).
To request a quote please call our factory reps with your application and drawings for us to quote.

Pelican Cases

Yes, Lone Star Aviation will be able to create custom foam inserts either through supplied CAD files, or detailed dimensions supplied by the customer. Please call for pricing for these services.

Inverter: 24-28 VDC to 115 Vac 60Hz

No, the connectors are offered separately, i.e. the LS03-06050, (MS 3106E18-9P) for the 500 Watt unit, and LS03-06051, (MS 3106E24-12S) for the 1000 Watt inverter. If you need GFCI the part number is LS03-06152 for a dual ac receptacle with GFCI and medical grade device with led's for normal and failed conditions.

LED Bulbs

The first thing our LED Customers should do is send us information on the application, size, existing bulb type, color, and manufacturer. Please direct all questions and information to our technical support. We will supply with an LED application form to help you gather all of the information that we can use to give you the right bulb for your application. We may request that you send in your existing bulb to ensure a perfect match. Most Bulbs in our industry, (Aviation and or Military) markets use the following bulb size, base type, voltage and brightness for various applications. 1. T-1 Instruments, panel applications, avionics equipment, marine, military radio's. 2. T1-3/4 Instruments, signs, control panels, storage, galley area, cockpit panels, etc. 3. T3-1/4 Storage, galley, bathroom, cockpit, overhead, 4. BA-15sc Overhead lights, overhead bins, storage, entrance, entrance sign, walkway, We have many more in our engineering library, if you need additional help in designing a specific bulb incandescent to LED technology just call our sales and or engineering team.

LCD Panels

Lone Star Aviation can design a custom ruggedized display for any application. For more information please visit the contact us page and submit an email to the engineering department.