GFCI AC Receptacle

Lone Star Aviation’s GFCI Dual ac receptacle is a medical grade Hubble ac receptacle with a GFCI housed within an aluminum enclosure with MS-3102 connector.  Compatible with Lone Star Aviation’s inverter line, LS03-06000, LS03-06001 the GFCI dual receptacle provides operator safety when using ac voltage to charge iPad, laptops, Panasonic ToughPADS and many airborne instruments needed in the cockpit.

GFCI Receptacle Specifications per GFCI Products Listed (Pages K-2 to K-9)
Trip Level 4 to 6 mA
Trip Time .025 second nominal.
Frequency 60 Hz
Voltage 120V AC +10% – 15% (102V to 132V)
Amperage 15A/20A, 20A Feed Thru
Maximum Interrupting Capacity 10,000A.
Operating Temperature -35°C to 66°C or -30°F to 150°F.
Maximum Humidity 95%
Listings and Standards Meets UL498 for receptacles, UL943 Class A for GFCIs UL File E41978. CSA Certified
Codes Meets all NEC® and CEC requirements. NEMA WD-6 ANSI 73.

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