iPad Cables ~ DO160G Tested

Lone Star Aviation’s new iPad cable product line are “ruggedized cable designs” TESTED to DO160G RTCA for Flammability, Magnetic Effect, EMI, Audio Susceptibility and humidity. ┬áThe new iPad cable incorporates an Apple Lightning to USB type A connectivity in a straight or coiled cord that delivers a major upgrade when using with cockpit PED applications.

Improvements made to design include a higher quality wire, copper shielding, aluminum foil, a thicker cable jacket and connector to jacket reinforcement on both ends.

The company boasts performance capabilities via the (20 gauge wire) for a higher reliability, higher charge (2 x rate) and assured integrity to the iPad platform for safety of flight.  Standard iPad cables on the market have 28 gauge wire which has limited charging as well as reliability problems because the wire is too small.

This cable is a smart upgrade that gives you greater reliability, longevity faster charging capabilities to USB Products to ensure you have the battery power for a multitude of cockpit applications.

Compatible with our MS-USB iPad Kit, LS03-05015, Multi-PORT, LS03-05005, USB plug, LS03-05021, Multi-VOLT, LS03-05005 and MS-USB iPAd charger, i.e. the LS03-05050-A.

Call our engineers for design ideas and capabilities to your next upgrade !

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