Cyclone 21 – Blower 3 Port (14VDC/28VDC)


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Product Description

The Cyclone-21 is a 3 port avionics cooling fan design to cool up to (3) individual pieces of equipment, i.e. GPS, main radio, backup radio, flat screen, transponder, audio and or other equipment.   Installing a cooling  fan will decrease high temperatures from avionics so equipment can function with integrity. 

The blower produces 21-cubic feet per minute of forced air cooling to a variety of avionics equipment.  The fan motor design incorporates a precision high tier ball bearing capable of producing a balanced, high    speed  RPM’s at 75-80% duty cycle.

The Cyclone -21 dc brushless motor is a custom design that incorporates circuit protection including locked rotor, over current, low, high voltage input as well as a high speed winding and con-formal coating.  The Cyclone-21 has the smallest footprint, (3 x 3 x 1 in) and highest output for a  FAA approved avionics blower for 14/28 volt aircraft systems

The Cyclone blower was DO160D TESTED and FAA PMA approved and has 20+ years of reliability in the field.  The Cyclone-21 is the number one choice for OEM and aftermarket sales world-wide for many make and model aircraft and rotor-craft.   

We recommend LS03-04001 PVC tubing with the Cyclone 21.  The price for this tubing is $4.75 per foot.


Additional information

Weight 10.50 oz
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 2 in

14 Volts VDC CRB-6457, 28 Volts VDC CRB-122253


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