Cigarette Lighter Receptacle


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Lone Star Aviation’s Power Adapter, (cigarette lighter receptacle) is a universal power accessory compatible with a multitude of consumer products. ¬†Devices used in aviation as an example would be the follows: Portable GPS systems, panel GPS, Cell Phone Chargers, Laptop Power Supplies, EFB, iPad charger, (with an LS03-05021) or anything you would plug into your car, marine or industrial vehicle. This item is FAA TSO approved and tested to DO160G-RTCA.

12V AIRCRAFT: If your aircraft electrical system is 12V you will not need any extra equipment to operate 12V equipment. Power adapter has an included rubber cap marked with DC12V. Use part number LS03-05025-12v or LS03-05025-13.8v to order power Adapter with requested CAP.

24V AIRCRAFT: Please note, you will need a 28V to 12V converter to power 12 volt consumer electronic devices.  Lone Star Aviation has two dc converter models recommended below for your review and consideration.

For 28 volt applications please select the part number for a 28 volt rubber cap, example LS03-05025-28v.



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Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in


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