Cigarette Lighter Receptacle, Power Adapter LS03-05027 Connector Kit


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The following (connector kit), LS03-05027 is a harness and connector assembly that interfaces the (cigarette lighter receptacle),i.e. (power adapter) to our DC Down Converter, (LS03-05003).

This power adapter/dc converter configuration gives the pilot and or aircraft owner the ability to operate numerous PED devices through the dc Power Adapter for a specific pilot/aircraft functionality.

Examples for compatible devices would be the following: 13.8v battery charger, iPad charger, PC tablet charger, laptop charger, hand-held portable radio VHF, UHF radios, short wave radio, SAT phone, camera system, alarm, sensors, weather instrument, altitude sensor, CO2 sensor, dimmer, dc/ac inverter, led lights, spotlight, video recorder and many other 13.8v devices.

Cable length is 36 inches, if you need a custom just let us know.


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Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 in


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