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Lone Star Aviation’s (alternator filter) is a OEM/replacement part for existing alternator filters for the majority of alternators and generators on the market. ¬†The filter’s design incorporates a new design so the BATT + wire won’t break at the filters enclosure. ¬†Another improvement is the clamp is made from a special grade of steel, (CRS) that absorbs shock and vibration from the alternator’s mounting system.

The filter film capacitance was doubled during our design and testing period when compared to older OEM alternator filters on the market. The Lone Star alternator filter performs and attenuates within a certain bandwidth of frequencies produced by aircraft alternators, generators and dc motors.

If you have noise generated by the alternator beyond the normal frequency range we recommend our Eliminator Filter which has a wider frequency range and will attenuate more electronic noise.

Both of these filters have been thoroughly tested under a DO 160D and are FAA/PMA approved.


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