FAA-PMA                Eliminator Filter

FAA-PMA Eliminator Filter


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Lone Star Aviation DC filter is a FAA PMA approved solution for aircraft electronic noise problems ranging from annoying alternator whine, strobe and rotating beacon noise, AC HVAC, DC motors, electronic fuel pumps and many other sources producing electronic noise.

The Eliminator filter is the best power line conditioner, “noise filter” currently on the market today for rotor-craft, aircraft and military vehicles.  Although it is packaged in a square metal enclosure that looks similar to other noise suppression filters, the similarities stop with appearances.

This filter utilizes capacitance, inductance and other components allowing only straight line DC to power sensitive on-board electronics. Low frequency audible noise is best reduced or eliminated a by DC filters using large inductance values.  Since the Eliminator utilizes inductance and capacitance a wider frequency range of electronic noise can be minimized or eliminated. The Eliminator has been successful in the elimination of power line noise that affects the operation of Radar, Strike-Finders, Storm Scopes, audio panels, intercom systems, and radio packages.

The Eliminators surge suppression characteristics can also protect on-board aircraft electronics from power surges and spikes. The possibilities for installing the Eliminator for noise suppression are endless. When you suspect power line noise problems consider the Eliminator Filter is the solution.

The Eliminator is rated to 10-Amps (max) at 32 VDC and can be easily installed at the effected component or if applicable at the source of the noise.



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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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