FAA-TSO Step Down Converter 24V/13.8V


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Lone Star Aviation’s LS03-05003 series DC Converter is FAA TSO approved for the models 19.0V, 16.0V, 13.8V, 9.0V, 7.5V and 5.0V).  The LS03-05003-075 and the LS03-05003-003 are pending FAA approval which will be submitted sometime in the future.

The LS03-05003 series DC converter is an ultra-Small (2.5 x 3.5 inch), highly reliable DC converter with multiple voltages, (single output per converter) designed for lower current ruggedized airborne or military applications. The small size, latest TI circuitry, multiple voltages and an FAA-TSO approval make this converter the ideal candidate for many aircraft and rotorcraft applications.

Now available in stock to power your next project such as: EFB, iPad, PED, cell phone charger, routers, satellite phones, computers, LED lights and entertainment sub-systems. Available in different models for different voltage output requirements, i.e. 28 to 5 V DC, 28 to 9.0 V DC, 28 to 13.8 V DC, 28 to 16.0 V DC and 28 to 19.0 V DC.
This DC converter has been installed under multiple STC’s for AIRBUS A320, A330, A340 , Boeing B737, 767, B777, Bell, Challenger 604, DASH-8 100/200/300/400, Gulfstream G-4, G-5, EADS, Bombardier, Fokker and many Airlines.

Your perfect choice for charging electronic flight bags or iPads or other on board devices.
Manufactures Part Number: LS03-05003-005, LS03-05003-009, LS03-05003-138, LS03-05003-160, LS03-05003-190 Series Models. FAA Approved Models.
LS03-05003-003, LS03-05003-075 pending.


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Dimensions6 × 6 × 4 in
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