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With Lone Star Aviation’s new DC to DC Converter you can operate 28 V radios, GPS’s, and other electronic equipment in a 14 V aircraft.
DC Converter Step Up

Input Voltage: 9-20 VDC
Input Transient Surge protection: Mil Std-704D
Input: Reverse polarity protection
Output Voltage: 27.5 VDC
Output Current: 8 A, 10 Peak
Efficiency: 90% (13.5 VDC @ 8A)
Short Circuit: Auto Recovery
Over Voltage: 20 VDC Max
Over Current: 110-140% > 11.0A Auto Recovery
Output Ripple: 20-25mVp-p
Terminal Block: (4) Phillips Pan Head Screws
MTBF: 100,000 Hrs./ According to Mil HBK 217F
FAA Approvals: TSO- C71
Altitude: 50,000 Ft
Mechanical: 2.50W x 4.5L x 2.0H
Weight: .70lbs, 320 grams
Temperature: -55C to (+) 71C
TSO Category: Category A
FAA/TSO Approved

Part Number Price
LS03-05002-B $449.95
LS03-05002-B (MS) $549.95
(MS 3106F mating connector)


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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