LS03-05060 USB 3.1 Panel Mount


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Lone Star Aviation’s new USB 3.1 panel port was designed in an Amphenol Mil-C-26482 body with spring loaded cover. The circuit internally was made to amplify and transmit super speed data from a USB 3.1 panel port to a SSD thumb drive or laptop.

The USB 3.1 panel port was designed to assist the technician in downloading large files of data from classified missions that recorded video, voice and GPS data into a high speed thumb drive for analysis back at a secure location.

USB 3.1 Panel Mount can be manufactured with any custom length of USB signal cable and connector on the high speed cable end. 

The Mil -C-26482 connector body can be mounted with or without the swivel CAP and included silicone gasket. Mounting holes are designed for 4-40 PPH screws.

Label is applied on the round front bezel to identify the part number, part name, mfg and serial number if applicable.

See PDF data sheet below for more technical information.


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Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 4 in


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