iPad-USB Lightning Cable, Straight, 1 Meter

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Lone Star Aviation’s NEW iPad lightning cables were designed to give the aircraft industry a ruggedized cable qualified to DO160G airborne test procedures.

The NEW iPad cable incorporates a high strength jacket, a layer of wire mesh shielding, a second layer of foil, reinforced cable boots and most significant is a 20 gauge power conductor that charges at more than twice the standard rates of a generic iPad cable.

The part numbers for the NEW series is LS03-05037 for the straight cable and LS03-05038 for the coiled cable; both are one meter in length.  Cables have the standard Type A USB connectors compatible to any USB-A device used in our industry.

Test reports are available for the following tests: Flammability, Magnetic Effect, Audio Susceptibility, RF conductivity to ensure the cables will not produce RF interference and are qualified to aviation standards.

Compatible with our MS-USB iPad Kit (LS03-05105), Multi-PORT (LS03-05023), USB plug (LS03-05021), Multi-VOLT (LS03-05005) and MS-USB iPad charger (LS03-05050-B).

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Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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