BA-15 sc Single Contact Bayonet Base 28V


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The following LED is an equivalent replacement for the obsolete incandescent S-8 BA15sc single contact bayonet base.  The LED was designed with improvements to it’s circuit including a higher input voltage to 35 volts and TESTED under DO160G for Humidity, Temperature, magnetic Effect, EMI and Vibration.  The DUT was tested for an (endurance run time) for over 14 days to a range of 20, 24, 28, 32, 35, 36 volts.

The (BA-15sc) bulb base number is used for a number of applications in aircraft, military vehicles for stairway lighting, entrance lighting, storage bins, glove box, under hood, storage, galley, cockpit, cargo ramp, charging station, avionics bay, equipment room, restrooms and has been installed on a variety of aircraft make and models.



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