Ducting: Silicone 2 Ply SCEET

  • Step 1 - Choose the diameter to display the price per foot and a total price for a 13 foot section.
  • Step 2 - If you need more than (1) section, i.e. (13 feet), increase the quantity of sections by the number of sections needed. Minimum purchase is a 13-foot section.


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Product Description

The Silicone ducting is a (2 Ply) rubber coated silicone material designed with a internal spring, (steel wire) for support and a external woven cord for maximum exterior reinforcement.  The silicone ducting is sold in (13′ length), with a minimum purchase of (13′). Pricing is per foot.

Specifications:Silicone (SCEET): Ducting Material (2 Ply)
Temperature:-65F to 450F
Reinforcement:Interior Corrosion resistant spring steel designed to resist kinking or collapsing.
Sizes Available:.625 to 6.00 inches – special orders lead times 2,3 weeks typical delivery.
Product length:13 Feet
Utilization:Low pressure, AIR venting, HVAC, Cabin Fresh Air, Ventilation ducting is designed for aircraft, rotor-craft, military vehicles, arctic snow machines, under water, submarines, marine, ships, mining vehicles.  Man tent ventilation, galley exhaust and gray water.
LS03-003922 1.25″SCEET-5Available
LS03-003923 1.50″SCEET-6Available
LS03-0039262.25″SCEET-9Special Order
LS03-0039272.50″SCEET-10Special Order
LS03-0039282.75″SCEET-11Special Order
LS03-0039293.00″SCEET-12Special Order
LS03-0039303.25″SCEET-13Special Order
LS03-0039313.50″SCEET-14Special Order
LS03-0039323.75″SCEET-15Special Order
LS03-0039334.00″SCEET-16Special Order
LS03-0039344.50″SCEET-18Special Order
LS03-0039355.00″SCEET-20Special Order
LS03-0039365.50″SCEET-22Special Order
LS03-0039376.00″SCEET-24Special order
LS03-customAny Shape OEM, customer toprovide drawing


Additional Information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions14 x 14 x 14 in
Select Width (inches)

SCEET-2A 0.625″, SCEET-3 0.75″, SCEET-3A 0.875″, SCEET-3 0.750″, SCEET-4 1.00″, SCEET-5 1.25″, SCEET-6 1.50″, SCEET-7 1.75″, SCEET-8 2.00″


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