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Lone Star Aviation’s LS03-05003  DC Converter Series is the leader in the industry for small ruggedized dc converters.  The dc power supply is FAA TSO approved, tested to RTCA and has successfully  powered multiple applications for over 10 years.  Circuit design incorporates, input protection, input TVS, output protection, input range of 20-42 volts and has the following single outputs, i.e. 19.0v, 16.0v, 13.8v, 9.0v, 7.5v and 5.0v).  The LS03-05003-075 (7.5v) and the LS03-05003-003 (3v) models will be approved some time in the future. Most common voltages are in stock and can ship in 1 or 2 days. Custom voltages ship in a week or less.

Designed in a ultra small enclosure, micro smt circuitry and multiple voltages to power your next avionics or PED gear.  The news is the company’s FAA-TSO approval make this converter an ideal candidate for many ruggedized aircraft, rotorcraft and military applications.

Now available in stock to power your next project such as: EFB, iPad, PED, cell phone charger, routers, satellite phones, computers, LED lights and entertainment sub-systems.

This DC converter has been installed under multiple STC’s for AIRBUS A320, A330, A340 , Boeing B737, 767, B777, Bell, Challenger 604, DASH-8 100/200/300/400, Gulfstream G-4, G-5, EADS, Bombardier, Fokker and many other Airlines. 

Manufactures Part Number:                                                                                          LS03-05003-005, LS03-05003-009, LS03-05003-138, LS03-05003-160, LS03-05003-190

LS03-05003-003, LS03-05003-075 pending minor change.

STC’s are available for many aircraft, call for engineering assistance and more info.  iPad, tablet chargers, harnesses available and ship from stock inventory, call for special options and special cost for your fleet.

Don’t buy dc converters until you talk to Lone Star Aviation Sales Team !



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