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Lone Star Aviation’s LS03-05003 series DC Converter is FAA TSO approved and RTCA tested to C-71 MPS Standards.  This unique power supply  has (7) separate output voltages ranging from 19.0V, 16.0v, 13.8v, 9.0v, 7.5V, 5.0v, and 3.0v).  The LS03-05003-003, (3v), LS03-05003-075 (7.5v) models will be approved some time next year during our annual minor change program.

The LS03-05003 series DC converter is an ultra-small (2.5 x 3.5 inch), high reliability power source designed with multiple voltages, (single output) for lower current ruggedized airborne applications.  Designed with a Linear Technology’s IC  power supply chip which has an operating frequency of 200 kHz.  This chip has over -under voltage protection, over current, over-temperature protection and short circuit protection.   The design is engineered specifically for power supplies, dc converters and dc charging systems.

Ultra small enclosure, micro SMT circuitry and multiple voltage outputs to power your next generation avionics gear, this is the power supply that will do the job.  Feed back from the field is the company’s FAA-TSO approval make this converter an ideal candidate for many aircraft, rotorcraft, and military applications.

Now available in stock to power your next project such as: EFB, iPad, PED, cell phone charger, routers, satellite phones, computers, LED lights and entertainment sub-systems. Available in different models for different voltage output requirements, i.e. 28 to 3.0 vdc, 28 to 5.0 vdc, 28 to 7.5 vdc, 28 to 9.0 vdc,  28 to 13.8 vdc, 28 to 16.0 vdc and 28 to 19.0 vdc.

This DC converter has been installed under multiple STC’s for AIRBUS A320, A330, A340 , Boeing B737, 767, B777, Bell, Challenger 604, DASH-8 100/200/300/400, Gulfstream G-4, G-5, EADS, Bombardier, Fokker and many airlines world-wide.

Lone Star Aviation has a Design and Engineering Department that can also customize one of its converters to suite your companies needs. Please call for pricing and availability. Engineering and tooling charges may apply.



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