STEP DOWN 28 to 13.8v 700W


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The LS03-05000 series DC/DC converter uses a proven high frequency push-pull topology that generates up to 700 W of output power with convection/conduction cooling. The chassis-mount design features low component count and a high efficiency design for mission critical applications. The use of high quality components and rigorous quality control results in a demonstrated MTBF exceeding 200k hours confirmed by a track record established in hundreds of harsh applications.

The DC input/output range configuration is possible to meet numerous PED applications for our industry. The LS03-05000 series incorporates ruggedized PCB options to protect against harsh environmental conditions needed for aviation, land-mobile, marine and military applications.

These options included conformal PCB coating, higher temperature components, shock, vibration support, humidity coatings protections, higher over current design capability, over temperature protection and surge and input spike protection.


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Dimensions 15 × 9 × 5 in


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