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Lone Star’s USB POWER PLUG is a must have accessory to power numerous consumer products in your cockpit.  The USB Plug is compatible with 13.8 and 28 volt aircraft systems and is plug and play with Lone Star’s  FAA TSO approved (cigarette lighter receptacle), i.e. LS03-05025 Power Adapter).

The Power Adapter and USB plug are compatible for installation into hundreds of make and model aircraft, rotor-craft or military vehicles needing USB power for iPad GPS, mapping applications requiring 5.25 volts to 2.4 amps.

Note: When you order the Power Adapter, it has three rubber CAPS available for different aircraft electrical voltage systems, (12v), (13.8v) and (28volts), please specify on your order which CAP is needed.

The USB Plug circuit was designed by Lone Star Aviation’s power supply group that boast the latest USB  circuitry, power management and circuit protections to date.  The original design concept was incorporated into the company’s Multi-VOLT and Multi-PORT product line with great success.

The USB plug is aerospace quality and was TESTED to RTCA  DO160G  giving you confidence your PED iPad or Tablet will operate and survive adverse flying conditions.

NEWS:  Lone Star’s new iPad cables, LS03-05037,  LS03-05038 were designed to solved major problem in our industry regarding sub-par and counterfeit cables that have found their way into the cockpit.  The new cable designs are DO160G Tested for Section 26 for flammability, Section 18 for audio susceptibility, Section 21 for emissions and Section 6 for humidity.

Major improvements include reinforcing cable boots, larger cable jacket, braided shielding, larger, (wire) for power that increasing the charge rate two or three (times) over a standard cable.

Cables are Apple Approved..

Caution:                                                                                                                                  Overseas USB plugs fail to meet any quality standards for commercial mobile product lines and applications.  During our testing the majority had severe over temperature, over current and circuit deficiencies.  Numerous Smoke in the cockpit and other short circuit conditions have surfaced, (various news articles), during the last couple of years as the iPad cockpit applications have grown in popularity.  Most occurrences have been sub-par, counterfeit iPad cables.


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