USB Plug – DO160G

Lone Star Aviation’s NEW Cigarette lighter Power Plug was designed for iPad and PED’s applications for airborne, rotor-craft, military, marine as well as industrial markets for USB applications.  The power plug circuit was designed with a TI  dc converter, charger IC with multiple circuit advantages such as: a regulated output, low ripple, low heat, highly efficient, high temperature components and constant current designed for mission critical USB devices.  This high quality design delivers a reliable dc output but survives in harsh environments including high-low temperatures, vibration, shock, humidity, input spikes, surges, low emi and audio emissions that are not even considered by the majority of  commercial USB Plug Manufacturers on the market today.

Lone Star Aviation has tested the (USB Plug) to several sections under DO160G RTCA environmental testing requirements and is pending FAA TSO approvals later this year.  For additional product information see the USB plugs specifications and drawings listed under product listing. The USB Plug is compatible with 12 and 24 volt aircraft systems and will operate USB devices at a nominal 5.15 volts, 2.4 amps to 12w.

The USB Plug LS03-05021 has been designed to Apple Approved charging and sync specifications and are compatible with the Apple ipad 2,3,4,5, iPad AIR, iPad Retina, iPad mini as well as multiple tablets, laptops, cell Phones and or other USB devices for charging app

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