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Lone Star Aviation’s new line of Altitude switches are made with high quality materials and components to ensure that they repeat their specific¬† set point every cycle.¬† Perfect for, general aviation, business jets and commercial aviation.

Lone Star Aviation can design and develop custom switches for applications such as UAV’s and weather balloons, and can design various connectors, shapes and sizes.

Lone Star Aviation has conducted RTCA DO-160F Environmental testing on the altitude switches in stock.  For more details, availability, pricing and custom applications please call the sales department.

The altitude switch can be used for annunciators, cabin, galley or warning lights, turning on or off entertainment systems or information systems. Or switching on or off any other device.

TYPE: Electro-Mechanical design BODY: Aluminum, NPT-Brass ELECTRICAL: white/red circuit is open at sea level pressure. – 28 VDC – 2 Amp Resistive – Terminal – 3 Pin solder terminals, heatshrink, AMP 350766 connector TEMP: -50F (-46C to +131F (+55C) SERVICE LIFE: 25000 Cycles required PROOF PRESSURE: 10.0 PSIG MTBF: 50,000 hrs


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