Isolated DC Converter 11-18Vin 12Vout 12/30Amp



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Lone Star Aviation DC-DC converters provide additional features not normally found on compact converters. This line delivers higher efficiency, an on/off control contact to help save energy and battery life. The LSA DC Converter Series provides the benefits of full isolation at non-isolated converter price levels. Converters can operate from a negative or positive ground electrical system, and are ideal for applications where complete isolation is necessary between primary and secondary circuits, as well as from the chassis. Whether for a vehicle, off-grid power system, or utility substation, Lone Star converters come with the added assurance of years of proven reliability and performance.

Reliability is achieved through careful design that virtually eliminates internal wiring and connections that can fail. Wide input voltage ranges are less susceptible to voltage spikes and drops. Every unit is extensively tested before it leaves the factory.

A high-efficiency design means less energy is lost in the conversion process. A contact terminal is provided that allows the converter to be turned off and on by the main circuit, saving energy and avoiding standby drain on the battery.


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LS03-05008 12V 35A, LS03-05008A 12V 12A


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