Magneto Filter w/ 20″ P-Lead


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Lone Star’s magneto filter LS03-01010a will eliminate EMI-RFI popping noise in your audio system with our FAA-PMA approved ignition noise filter. It easily connects to the primary ‘P’ lead and grounds at the magneto metal twist cap to magneto body. The Magneto Filter is a feed through design with self healing capacitor technology that greatly increases the ability to filter and extends the reliability of the filter.

Lone Star’s Magneto Filter comes standard with an 8 inch lead that is shielded with silver plated copper for maximum shielding and a 20 inch ‘P’ lead is available for installations that require a longer length P lead.

Specifications: Dimensions: 1.00 ” x  1.8 ” Heavy Duty (.050) mounting clamp made of CRS is plated with bright tin for solder-ability.  Cap is rated to 1000 V DC working voltage, has a larger capacitance and for reliability a metalized self healing foil.

This magneto filter has a 20 inch ‘P’ lead for a longer and harder to reach magneto enclosure.


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Weight 1.00 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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