FAA-PMA 100 Amp Filter


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Lone Star Aviation’s new 50-100 amp dc filter is the “First” EMI-RFI filter design to incorporate a feed thru, fail safe technology for aircraft and military vehicles.  The filter is ultra small measuring (1.40”x 2.40”x 4.70) and includes a universal mounting bracket. This provides alternative mounting solutions for tight avionics racks and compartments in existing as well as new aircraft, land-mobile, marine, and military installations.

The filter’s performance will eliminate EMI-RFI interference from the aircraft’s electrical buss so that critical flight avionics can operate with integrity. The filter is compatible with Experimental, Sport, GA, Rotorcraft, Business, Commercial aircraft, as well as Land-Mobile, Marine and Military Vehicles.

Call LSA engineering if you need a custom filter for your specific aircraft or noise issues.


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Weight 32.00 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in


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