FAA-PMA 70 Amp Filter


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Lone Star Aviation’s 70 Amp DC filter eliminates low to high frequency EMI-RFI noise interference common in general aviation, rotor-craft and military vehicle dc systems. The filter is ultra small measuring 2″ W x 3.31″ L x 1.50″ H and incorporates a universal mounting flange for vertical or horizontal mounting. This provides an alternative mounting solution to for your aircraft’s firewall, electronics compartment or bulkhead in a variety of aircraft make and model.

The filter’s performance will filter EMI-RFI noise interference, spikes and surges from the aircraft’s avionics buss so that critical flight electronics can operate with integrity. The filter is effective in general aviation, rotor-craft, and commercial aircraft, in addition to land-mobile, marine and military vehicles.

The 70 Amp filter will attenuate low to high EMI-RFI noise interference from aircraft electronics buss created by alternators, aircraft blowers, DC motors, Fuel pumps, beacons, strobes, power sources, dc converters, DC/AC inverters, and various instruments.

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Weight 2.00 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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